My Journey

Hi everyone I’m Amanda! I have been on a journey of self love. I believe it is important to put yourself first and do what is right for you. I used to not really think I needed a hobby. I thought that working, watching tv, and spending time with friends and family was enough. Which it was at the time and I was happy. But I never understood the importance of setting goals and pushing yourself. When I was out of work for two months due to covid I decided to start moving my body for myself so that I could keep moving and not just sit on the couch! I have found that fitness really is a passion of mine which is absolutely crazy because at one time I thought working out was not for me at all and maybe I would just “diet”. It’s not about losing weight or being “skinny” it’s about feeling good and moving your body because you want to. Since I was home all day every day for what seemed like forever I set goals each day and tried to stay on some sort of schedule to make myself sane. The quarantine changed my life and it kind of forced me to focus on me even though I didn’t know I needed to! Now we are never turning back and we are going to continue moving forward. I want to make it my passion to help others do the same!